The Path to Becoming a Meditation Teacher

For some people, being a meditation teacher sounds like becoming one heavy bearded sage sitting on top of the mountains with legs crossed. It sounds like a daunting task and something left for a certain type of human beings. While we still have such type of teachers, the pathway to becoming a meditation teacher has gone beyond such characteristics. It’s now closer and easier than you think. In this post, we’ll be discussing in details strategies and things you could do to become a meditation teacher.

Before you become a teacher in any field, it is expected that you must have been a student of that field. However, this article is not focused on anyone. Even if you know nothing about meditation, taking the few steps we’ll be outlining here, will jumpstart you into becoming a meditation teacher. However, if you’ve been meditating for a while and feel you can find your way to becoming a meditation teacher, then your experience makes it easier. If you’re wondering how you can begin your journey on teaching others how to meditate, here are few outlined steps that will help you develop the practice.

Do your Research

The first step for doing anything is usually to research, study it and find more information about it. If you’ve been meditating already, then this shouldn’t be hard. But if you’re completely new to meditation, make out time and learn as much as you can about meditation. Take classes on meditation, get closer to people who teach and get yourself involved with what they do. Study the different types of meditation and decide on which one works best for you. With the internet, there are a lot of resources on meditation readily available online. So get on with it, dive in and study this particular type of meditation you’ve chosen with both offline and online materials so you’ll be versed.

Decide on the style of meditation you want to teach

If you already understand and practice a particular style, that might be your best option. Some of these styles can be easier to teach than others. If you’re not dedicated to any at all, practice different styles of meditation and decide on the one that best comes naturally to you. We’ve outlined below a few styles of meditation;

  • Guided Visualization; involves guiding the mind using a series of images to get the state of mind balanced. This style can be helpful for defeating fears and stress.
  • Transcendental Meditation; Uses mantras to get into a transcendental state of consciousness.
  • Osho Meditation; involves physical activities like nature walk and then transit into a silent time.
  • Taoist Meditation; involves stillness and concentration in a quiet environment. Focus can be on breathing techniques to achieve concentration.
  • Zen Meditation; deals with sitting down and practicing a connection to the true nature of reality and emptiness.

Start a regular practice

If you must start teaching people anything, the most basic requirement will be to walk the walk. So if you’re going to teach people how to meditate, then you must have a regular practice yourself. Take out a specific time of the day for every day and meditate for at least 10 minutes. Attend retreats on meditations, meditate with friends or take classes if you have to. The most important thing while doing this is to talk to people about meditation. Listen to their individual experiences, why they meditate and what they get from doing so. This will help you understand different perspectives on meditation in order to understand your students better in the future.

Enroll for teacher’s training with a credible instructor

When you have the knowledge of anything, it’s easier to practice it, live it and walk the walk. However, it can be a daunting task to pass that knowledge to other people especially given the fact that understanding and assimilation rate differs. This is where teaching skills kick in. If you’re planning to become a meditation teacher, it is important that you learn how to teach first. Get yourself enrolled under the tutelage of a credible instructor, understand the ins and outs of teaching. Accept criticisms and learn to become better with it. Make sure you stay close to your tutor and build a relationship with him so you can always go back for advice.

Prepare yourself

Teaching can be scary and daunting if you’re new to it especially when you’re not a people person or the bold type. Start with a group of friends, family or colleagues and keep every session with them short. Learn to teach by teaching them, free yourself and speak clearly, skillfully and in a soothing manner to get them relaxed. Doing these will ease the tensions you might have when you start to face a large number of unknown people. Gather all the necessary materials you need like CDs, candles, calming music, etc.

Get Certified

Look for a legitimate body with professional certification programs on your chosen meditation style. You can find these programs both offline and online. There are organizations like the International Meditation Teachers Association, The American Institute of Health Care Professionals. Research for more bodies that are credible. Apply to at least one them, Take the classes and get certified. By doing so, you’ll enjoy the privilege of networking with other teachers and also put yourself on the map for students to find you.

Launch out

Now that you’re completely ready, it’s time to find your students and teach them what you know. So start meditation groups probably on social media, talk to your local yoga or wellness studio and see if you can be allowed to set up sessions.

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