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Development Frameworks: Viewpoints of a Universal Metamodel?

Why do Japanese people hear cats making sounds „Nyaaaan“ and english people „Meow“? That doesn’t make a lot of sense, because there is just one global cat language. It’s because your society taught you. Your culture is shaping your reality.

The last ten years I read a lot about different religions, philosophies and scientific models. What I discovered is, that all are massively biased. What all have in common is that they try hard to find arguments for their hypotheses and find counterargument against other teachings. In other words: They try to survive in this ideology game.
No scientist tries to find truth in the words of a muslim. No muslim tries to find commonalities in the teachings of a buddhist. No buddhist tries to find value in the theories of jews…

This is a new approach. We think everybody is right. Every theory is a valid viewpoint of a universal metamodel, a biased description of reality.


Viewpoint 1: Keagan Framework.

Viewpoint 2: Chakra

Viewpoint 3: Loevinger’s stages of ego development

Viewpoint 4: Spiral Dynamics

Viewpoint 5: Sufism

Viewpoint 6: Ten Oxherding Pictures

Viepoint 7: Tree of Life (Kabbalah)

Viewpoint 8: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Viewpoint 9: Christian Sacraments


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