The seven main chakras are energy centers which run run along the spine; these chakra centers receive, assimilate, and express the life force energy known as prana.

The seven main chakras:

  1. The Muladhara or Root Chakra at the base of the spine
  2. The Swadhisthana or Sacral Chakra at the navel area
  3. The Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra under the solar plexus
  4. The Anahata or Heart Chakra within the heart area
  5. The Vishuddha or Throat Chakra within the throat
  6. The Ajna or Third Eye Chakra within the center of the brain
  7. The Sahasrara or Crown Chakra at the crown of the head

Each of these chakras has a unique purpose and influences specific areas of our lives. Our purpose is to  develop the energy within each chakra, as we mature, in order to complete our mission in life. In fact, each chakra relates to a different stages of our maturity. However, the information below is only a rough guide; many people become stuck at various stages, and may take many lifetimes to achieve the full transcendance through each chakra.

1. The Survival stage is from birth to 14 years old.
During this period of our life, the tendency is to live through the root chakra; this chakra  is associated with survival. It’s located at the base of the spine. The Muladhara chakra provides a sense of stability, when it’s in balance. It can be affected by our family relationships, since during this stage we are primarily guided and influences by our parents, teachers, and other authority figures.

2. The Ego stage is from 15 to 28 years years old.
As we move up into this stage of life, we experience the energy of the sacral chakra more deeply. Located in the sacrum this chakra is involved with the early stages of our personal evolution, reflecting human concerns such as sex, money, and power. This is when we truly begin to experience our sexuality as well as our individuality. However, many become stuck at this phase, in an endless pursuit of sex, money, and power. We may require several lifetimes to transcend this cycle, however, once this has been achieved, we can move up with a higher vibration.

3. The Mental stage is from 29 to 42 years old.
The navel chakra is involved with our creativity and sense of self-esteem. We are confident and disciplined  when this chakra is in balance. However, addictive tendencies also reside within this chakra; if we fall prey to any addiction, it will make it very difficult to ascend to the next stage of our evolution.

4. The Intuitive stage is from 43 to 56 years old.
During this period of our lives, we are blessed with the opportunity to ascend into the loving vibrational field of the heart chakra. This is a state of spiritual maturity, and from this point, our spiritual journey resonates with the higher vibrations of our soul.

The heart chakra sits slightly to the right of our heart. By claiming the love filled vibrations of the Anahata, we can make a profound leap in our spiritual evolution. Our intuition and spiritual consciousness also begins to awaken at this stage. This stage of life involves a transition in our orientation from concern with the self to compassion for others. The heart chakra, in fact, serves as a bridge between the basic survival of the lower three chakras and the higher, spiritual vibrations of the upper three chakras.

5. The “Inner Voice” stage is from 57-70 years old.
Once we transcend through the heart chakra, ascendance into the throat chakra is nearly assured. The soul vibration has gained an upward momentum, propelling us into this fifth stage of life. The throat chakra is located within the throat, and provides us with a powerful voice of creative self-expression.

6. The Visionary stage is from 71 to 84 years old.
While we may achieve this stage at any time, depending upon our own inner awakening, it generally happens later in life. The Ajna chakra is located at the center of the brain and is home of our sense of self or ego. If we are able to dispel the assumption that we are separate from the Universal consciousness, we can then achieve unity with this consciousness while we remain in a physical form.

7. The Infinite Consciousness stage is from 84 to 98 years old.
The crown chakra is located near the pineal gland, just outside our physical bodies. If we reach this stage of life, we have the opportunity to achieve union with the God Spirit. However, like the Visionary stage, this awakening can happen at any time. This ageless sense of consciousness is an eternal state of being, forever existing, forever conscious, forever complete.



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